The ESSEC Research Center on Capitalism, Globalization and Governance -
C²G² - was launched in September 2010. The mission of the Center is to foster a trans-disciplinary focus on Business in Society and Business and Society issues.  Business studies in general have had the tendency of increasingly falling into two (often combined) traps – universalism and “vertical drilling”. Universalism is the tendency to evacuate contexts. “Vertical drilling” is the in-depth exploration of relatively narrow issues or questions with little preoccupation for the dynamics of interplay/interconnections between those issues and others. The progress of “vertical drilling” has been the direct consequence of the acute division of scientific labor in social sciences and business studies.

The Center has a trans-disciplinary intellectual strategy. The evolution of the contemporary business world is difficult to understand without a clear reading of the broad context – historical, institutional, political and cultural – in which it is embedded. The Center focuses more specifically on four broad research agenda points:
  1. What is Capitalism? What is so specific and particular about our contemporary form of capitalism? How does it inscribe itself in the broad historical evolution of forms of capitalism ever since the end of the 19th century?
  2. How does Globalization matter? What does the contemporary period of globalization (more or less since the 1970s) imply with respect to the organization of economic relations and the transformation of capitalist (and formerly non-capitalist) economies?
  3. How to rethink Governance as a consequence? When economic interactions increasingly cross over and beyond national boundaries and jurisdictions, what happens with regard to the governance of those interactions?
  4. How to understand CSR – corporate social responsibility? More specifically, how to conceptualize the role and responsibilities of different types of organisations within society, under various perspectives and disciplines? And how to expand and disseminate that knowledge to stakeholders?


ERNOP Conference 2015: Call for papers
7th International Research Conference of the European Research Network On Philanthropy
Interdisciplinary Research on Philanthropy: Connecting the Dots
ESSEC Business School Paris, July 9-10, 2015

Call for contributions-CSR seminar
"Innovative Practices and Emerging Trends: Extending the
Corporate Responsibility Research Agenda", June 11-12, 2015



Brownbag Seminars

Marion Ligonie (ESSEC) - "Performativity in the making: Applying the theory of shared value" - N305, June 10, 2015

Research Seminar Series


Professor Grégoire MALLARD (The Graduate Institute Geneva) -Fallout: Nuclear Diplomacy in an age of global fracture - N305, Mar. 5, 2015 

Professor Guido PALAZZO (HEC Lausanne) - Values Against Violence: Institutional Change in Societies Dominated by Organized Crime - Le Club (N231), Feb. 13, 2015 

Professor Guido Palazzo