Research Seminar Series. The Center invites internationally reputed scholars several times a year to share their latest research with the ESSEC research community and beyond.


Brownbag Seminars take place on Wednesdays at lunch time. They are aimed at ESSEC colleagues, researchers and PhD students who are working on issues that fit broadly within the intellectual frame of the Center. They provides an opportunity to get detailed feedback on a paper before its submission to a review or a conference or during the process of revising a paper before resubmitting. As a community, the seminars bring together ESSEC members across disciplinary boundaries and allow lively discussions between students and ESSEC more senior colleagues.

Annual Workshop. The Center organizes a yearly workshop aiming both at ESSEC contributors as well as colleagues from other institutions.

CSR Reading Group.
Starting in 2012-13, the Center runs a CSR reading group. It will take place on Wednesdays at lunch time.