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Finance and Globalization Workshop

In the plethora of societal challenges the world is facing today, finance is recognized to play an important role. For example, low levels of socioeconomic participation and access to credit markets may hinder a country's economic development (World Bank Development Report 2012), decreasing the size of markets and leading to an inefficient allocation of resources. An increasing body of studies from a multitude of disciplines have pointed at the role that culture, institutions and organizations play in promoting (or failing to) access to credit among poor, minorities and women. Furthermore, the financial crisis has reinvigorated the attention to the role of finance in promoting as well as deteriorating development.

The Finance and Globalization Workshop, organized within the ESSEC Center on Capitalism, Globalization and Governance (C2G2) aims at bringing together researchers from different Departments within the ESSEC faculty and PhD community to foster inter-disciplinary discussion and exchange around  issues related to the role of finance in a globalized economy. To bridge the boundaries that institutions, organizations and culture place on increasing financial depth, outreach and sustainability, we have therefore used an innovative format where papers are presented not by its authors, but by a colleague.

The workshop is open - all are welcome. A synthesis of the presentations can be found here.


Study on Micro-credit Companies Accessing the Short and Medium Term Bond Market in China
        Yun Wu (ESSEC PhD Student Finance) and the PlaNet Finance Group
        Presenter: Oana Peia

Global Challenges, Local Responses – An Institutional Perspective to Regulating the ”Tragedy of the Commons” in the Financial Industry
        Jan Lepoutre (ESSEC Management Department) and Matthias Thiemann (Goethe Universität, Frankfurt).
        Presenter: Yun Wu

Language and Hybrid Organizations – The Case of Female Outreach in the Microfinance Industry
        Estefania Santacreu-Vasut (ESSEC Economics Department)
        Presenter : Jan Lepoutre

Dislocations in World Index Futures
        Gonzalo Cortazar (Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile), Lorenzo Naranjo (ESSEC Finance Department), Enrique Sepuvelda (Pontifica Universidad            Catolica de Chile), Carmen Stefanescu (ESSEC Finance Department 
        Presenter : Estefania Santacreu - Vasut 

Finance and Growth : Time Series Evidence on Causality
        Oana Peia (ESSEC PhD Student, Economics) and Kasper Rozbach (University of Gröningen, Netherlands)
        Presenter: Carmen Stefanescu / Lorenzo Naranjo