Marie-Laure Djelic

Marie-Laure Djelic is Professor at ESSEC in the Management Department and Head of the ESSEC Research Center on Capitalism, Globalization and Governance. She is also Associated Dean of the Ph.D. program.


Hyemi SHIN
 Hyemi Shin is the current administrator for the C2G2. She a PhD Candidate in the Management Strategy track at ESSEC Business School.


Associated Faculty Members

Viviane de Beaufort

Viviane de Beaufort is Professor at ESSEC, Director of the “law curriculum” ESSEC and co-director of the European Center Law and Economics.


Laurent Bibard

Laurent Bibard is Professor at ESSEC in the Management Department.

Arijit Chatterjee

Arijit Chatterjee is Assistant Professor in the Management Department at ESSEC Business School.


Charles Cho

Charles Cho is Associate Professor of Accounting at ESSEC Business School.


Laurence de Carlo

Laurence de Carlo is Professor at ESSEC Business School in the Public and Private Policy Department.


Marie-Léandre Gomez

Marie-Leandre Gomez is Associate Professor in the Accounting and Management Control Departement at ESSEC Business School.

Jan Lepoutre

Jan Lepoutre is Assistant Professor of Management at ESSEC Business School.


Chrystelle Richard

Chrystelle Richard is  Associate Professor of Accounting and Auditing at ESSEC Business School.


Adrian Zicari

Adrian Zicari is Teaching Associate Professor at ESSEC in the Accounting and Management Control Department.



Associated PhD students.

Helen Etchanchu-Schneider 

Helen Etchanchu-Schneider is a PhD Candidate in the Management Department at ESSEC Business School

Damien Lambert

Damien Lambert is a PhD Candidate in the Accounting/Auditing Department at ESSEC Business School.

C2G2 Alumni

Joel Bothello 

Joel Bothello is an Assistant Professor at Concordia University. He was a formal administrator at the Center in 2013-2014.

Lisa Baudot

Lisa Baubot is an Assistant Professor at University of Central Florida. She was an associated PhD student at the Center during her PhD.

Matthias Thiemann

Matthias Thiemann is an Assistant Professor at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universitaet Frankfurt am Main. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the Center in 2012-2013.

Sandrine Blanc

Sandrine Blanc is an Assistant Professor of business ethics at Inseec Business School. She was a postdoctoral fellow at the Center in 2011-2012.