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Damien Lambert

Damien Lambert is a PhD Candidate in the Accounting/Auditing concentration. He received his Master in Management and MBA (2005) from French and U.S. institutions. Before pursuing his PhD, he worked as an external auditor for KPMG Luxembourg and audit manager for Ernst & Young Switzerland, specialized in banking and financial institutions. He obtained the French Accounting and Finance Degree DESCF (Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures Comptables et Financières) (2007) and Chartered Accountant title in Luxembourg (Réviseur d’Entreprises) (2009).

Damien’s research focuses on the emergence of the proxy advisor, its influence on corporate governance practices and impact on other stakeholders such as institutional investors and corporate firms. A specific interest of his doctoral thesis is the construction at a transnational level of a network of actors supporting the emergence of the proxy advisor.