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Joel Bothello

Joel Bothello is an Assistant Professor in Strategy at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University, Montreal. Prior to this appointment, he was a teaching fellow in International Management at the King's College London School of Management and Business, as well as a research fellow at the ESSEC Philanthropy Chair in France. He received a MS and Ph.D. in Management Strategy from ESSEC (2014) and a BAS from York University, Toronto. Before pursuing his doctoral studies, Joel worked for two years in the insurance and risk management industry.

His research lies at the intersection of new-institutionalism and governance studies. He is interested in how organizational governance can be shaped by the use of transnational "soft-law" tools such as standards, compacts, rankings, directives, certification schemes and awards. His research has been published in IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management and Theory and Society. It has also been the recipient of awards like the 2014 Halloran Award in Business Ethics and the 2015 Syntec Prize.