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Marie-Laure Djelic

Marie-Laure Djelic is Professor at ESSEC Business School in the Management Department and Head of the ESSEC Research Center on Capitalism, Globalization and Governance. In 2002-2003, she was holding the Kerstin Hesselgren Professorship at Uppsala University, in Sweden. She has been Visiting Professor at Stanford University, Uppsala University (Sweden), at the Swedish Center for Organizational Research (Score - Stockholm University) and at the University of Luzern in Switzerland. Her research interests include:
  • The historical transformation of capitalism and national business systems
  • The role of professions and social networks in the transnational diffusion of rules and practices
  • Globalization and Americanization
  • The dynamics of Transnational Regulation and Governance
  • Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • The Ethical Foundations of contemporary capitalism
Economic Sociology, the Sociology of Markets, Institutional Theory. She is the author of Exporting the American Model (Oxford University Press 1998), which obtained the 2000 Max Weber Award for the Best Book in Organizational Sociology from the American Sociological Association. She has edited, together with Sigrid Quack, Globalization and Institutions (Edward Elgar 2003), together with Kerstin Sahlin-Andersson, Transnational Governance (Cambridge University Press 2006), together with Radu Vranceanu, Moral Foundations of Management Knowledge (Edward Elgar 2007) and together with Sigrid Quack, Transnational Communities: Shaping Global Governance (Cambridge University Press 2010).